Environmental issues are important and Davison Highley take their responsibility as designers and manufacturers very seriously. We are committed as a business to working to prevent pollution and ensure the protection of the environment, our employees and neighbours in everything we do.


Our products are designed with reducing environmental impact in mind. By using sustainable materials, reducing the amount of waste created during manufacture and through our renowned quality and longevity, which reduces the need to replace components or entire pieces of furniture through wear.


We also work closely with our suppliers to ensure our designs are manufactured with environmentally ethical materials, components and practises. We always strive to divert our waste away from landfill, preferring instead to reuse, recycle, or redistribute unwanted or unrequired manufacture materials and furniture internally or to good causes and charities. Where this is not possible we always ensure that all waste taken off site will be consigned to registered waste carriers for treatment / disposal at appropriate sites.


Our environmental policy is publicly available to download from our website and is regularly reviewed to ensure we are continually improving and reducing our environmental impact.


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Davison Highley Ltd is a supplier of upholstered furniture and tables, providing a full design, development and manufacturing service. A family owned company working from its own facility just outside High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.


The company recognises the need to adopt high environmental standards in all areas of operation and is committed to working in a manner designed to prevent pollution and ensure the protection of the environment, its employees and neighbours. In order to achieve this the company will :


Operate our business in a manner that is sensitive to the needs and concerns of the people and the surrounding environment.


Where practical, use the latest technology to develop sound environmentally conscious means of providing our services.


Integrate environmental issues into our decision making, whilst recognising that business concerns might affect the course of action.


Will work in a manner to prevent pollution through a continual process designed to identify, evaluate and reduce the environmental impact of our operations.


Identify the major areas of resource and utility consumption and evaluate the options to maximise the efficiency of usage.


Seek to divert our waste from landfill where possible; preferring to reuse, recycle or recover value from our discarded materials. Where reuse, recycling or recovery isn’t viable the organisation will ensure that waste taken off site will be consigned to registered waste carriers for treatment / disposal at appropriate sites.


Continually look for ways to improve our business and reduce our environmental impact


Communication on environmental issues will be fostered through the provision of environmental training and the encouragement of suggestions for improved performance from everyone within the organisation. The promotion of environmental issues extends not only to our employees but to our client and customers as part of our business offering.


Ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation and other requirements related to our operations.


As an organisation we are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental impacts and have set targets and objectives to progress this commitment. Our targets and objectives are laid out in a separate document.


This policy is publicly available and will be regularly reviewed. The board of directors is fully committed to its implementation and will give full support to all those authorised to carry it out.



Signed:                                                                    Date:  16/07/15


T Davison – Managing Director



Our ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System certificate is avaliable to download from here