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How to maximise your contract furniture budget


We don’t need to tell you the challenges of curating a cohesive look for workplace interiors with a hard-working budget. The real skill is in identifying key pieces which can elevate the aesthetic to new heights and this is often gained through a close partnership with suppliers who know their products inside and out. They’re the experts.

Carefully balancing every piece in the scheme to save money here, in order to spend a little more there, can only be achieved when you have all the knowledge you need at your fingertips and an account manager to guide you through the myriad of choices. Our most recent Case Study, which you can read more of here is from the Law Firm WITHERS. The beauty of this scheme, aside from the obvious aesthetic, is the skill of the designers to curate pieces from the Davison Highley Standard collection, alongside some tailored pieces and other fully bespoke designs.



First impressions count



Orginal render on the left (Image Credit: Operandum / KKS) with photo of the finished project on the right (Image Credit: Tim Soar)


The reception area for clients and employees is a place to invest in the best quality standout pieces and a bespoke design makes the most impressive first impression.

On this project we worked with the designers from the outset to bring their vison into being, producing a gently rounded beautiful bespoke sofa, based upon the initial design, but built upon using our 40 years of design and manufacture knowledge.



Exact integration into your scheme



Orginal render on the left (Image Credit: Operandum / KKS) with photo of the finished project on the right (Image Credit: Grant Smith)


Our ability to tailor our standard collection furniture lets clients achieve bespoke levels of onsite integration without the cost implications, creating areas which may normally be restricted by budgets if looking at a bespoke solution.

For this project we tailored our standard Engage banquettes, altering the dimensions to achieve a perfect fit into the framing detailing on site, creating a luxurious, yet cost effective workplace seating area which met the designer’s vison.

Other areas of the project also benefited from tailored Engage elements, showing that by altering a single design can lead to a multitude of solutions, but keeping a similar aesthetic across a scheme. In the examples below, lower backs or no backs were used for under window seating.






Pick and mix



Photos of the finished project (Image Credit: Grant Smith)



Our standard collection encompasses a range of different types of furniture, styles and uses allowing designers to mix and match an array of different designs onto their projects.

For Withers the designers selected our Wunderwall Engage booths, which matches the aesthetic of the tailored Engage elements used elsewhere but at a lower price point due to it being a fully standard piece.

In addition with the broadest range of fabrics available to pick from you can, again, create the look you need.

By offering 3 levels of design and manufacture with our Bespoke, Tailored and Standard offerings; all manufactured to the same quality, robustness and with sustainability at its heart, Davison Highley is uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve their vision over the entirety of their design scheme.


Speak to our skilled Account Managers and visit our showroom in Clerkenwell where there is ample space to develop schemes, selecting from our broad range of fabric samples and experience our standard collection ranges.


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