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It’s the hot topic, not only for designers but also Human Resource teams and Operation Managers. Biophillic Design. The concept of integrating nature into buildings through any combination of natural lighting, planting or organic forms.

Ask anyone to close their eyes and imagine their perfect space and most will describe a natural environment; beaches, mountains, open spaces. We all crave nature and there is countless research demonstrating the positive effects it has on our health.

We’ve been working closely over recent months with the Planteria Group, experts in biophilic design, understanding both the benefits and also the client requirements. As well as incorporating planting throughout our Clerkenwell showroom we’re hosting two upcoming events where Planteria Group will be sharing their knowledge. It’s a fascinating subject, which can bring great improvements to both employees and employers, we’ve identified three key benefits.





Improving air quality


Cast your mind back to your Biology GCSE and we’re sure you’ll remember that vegetation absorbs pollutants, toxins and airborne microbes, such as mould spores and bacteria. Recent research by Norway’s Agricultural University in Oslo also indicates that plants remove harmful volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde and benzene, found in the paint and carpet of most buildings.




Counteracting stress in the workplace


Boundaries between work and home are blurring, making workplace design even more important. Employees crave natural light and relaxing spaces to enable breaks within their working day in order to counteract stress and contribute to their general wellbeing. Human Resource departments are also keen to provide environments conducive to improving staff retention and loyalty by demonstrating consideration for employees.




Design and aesthetics


On a practical level, planting can be used to zone areas for relaxation, meetings or individual spaces, removing any sterile areas of workspace. It can also create an aesthetic which positively contributes to the brand identity of the company, subliminally demonstrating both sustainable ethics and commitment to employee workplace.



What is biophilic design?


Expert Katie le Chevalier from Planteria Group will be exploring the physiological effect on the brain which nature and planting can bring in the workplace but also explaining the specific benefits for healthcare, education and retail in a breakfast seminar hosted at the Davison Highley showroom in Clerkenwell.


Thursday 5th March 2020

08:30 – 09:30




Missed a place? Don’t worry, Katie will be delivering the presentation again as part of our series of events during Clerkenwell Design Week. Look out for our upcoming Clerkenwell Design Week announcement.



Kind Regards

Toby Davison
Managing director



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